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Counseling Awareness Month 2017: Train Your Brain With Counseling

April is dedicated to counseling awareness, but learning about mental health is ideal at any time of the year. Counselors offer a vital service to not only those suffering from acute stress, difficult situations, and mental illness, but also to those who simply want to better themselves.

Managing Your Mental Health in College

Many of today’s college students feel immense pressure from multiple areas of their lives, including academic, financial, social, and family [...]

10 Multicultural Factors to Consider in Counseling

Counseling from a multicultural lens is necessary in our diverse world and allows counselors to help people in underserved and marginalized communities [...]

7 Organizations Every Counselor Should Know

From exploring career options to enrolling in professional development workshops, membership to counseling organizations helps counselors to continuously develop their practice ethically and legally.

How Substance Abuse Counseling Found Its Way Into Schools

When addressing substance abuse in children and adolescents, counseling can manifest in many forms. In some areas, the primary school counselor receives substance abuse education, enabling them to provide services to students [...]

Counselor Self-Care Series: 12 Signs of Counselor Burnout

The field of counseling is very flexible and it has its opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of those suffering from mental health illnesses. Being a counselor could save many lives as it has been true for myself. All those can be reasons why an individual sought to be a counselor; however while working in the field and attempting to find a niche, reality has a way of intruding.