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Crisis Planning and Counseling for Parents with Shared Custody

A crisis presents specific challenges to split families. How can parents with shared custody prepare and respond to emergency situations?

How to Prepare for an Online Counseling Session

Virtual counseling is an effective way to start or continue seeking help for mental health. Learn more about its benefits and how to prepare for a session.

Tips From Counselors on How to Manage Financial Stress During a Crisis

Job loss and financial insecurity caused by a crisis can create or exacerbate mental health concerns. Learn how to manage financial stress.

Managing Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has left many feeling isolated, especially those with mental illness. Here’s how individuals can maintain their mental health during difficult times.

Addressing Students’ Triggers: Tips for Trauma-Informed Classroom Design

Trauma can harm children's brain development and ability to manage emotions. Designing a classroom is one way to implement trauma-informed care in school.

How to Support Third-Culture Kids

Third-culture kids are expatriates who frequently relocate across cultures. Supporting them during transition is important to help them find stability.