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How to Identify and Intervene in Teen Dating Violence

Only 33 percent of teens in an abusive relationship report it to someone else. Prevention and intervention can help stop teen dating violence before it occurs.

Redefining Manhood: How to Promote Healthy Masculinity Among Boys

Rigid gender norms can encourage young boys to engage in toxic behaviors. Learn how counselors can help promote healthy masculinity.

How to Comfort and Care for a Child with a Serious Illness in a Healthy Way

When a child falls sick with a serious illness, parents may set the usual rules and limits aside. But overindulgence can create its own set of challenges. To help families navigate this difficult time, counselors can help parents learn how to comfort their child in healthy ways.

How Changing The Way You Sleep Helps To Deal With Counselor Burnout

Do you feel ineffective at work or emotionally exhausted? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of Burnout. Learn how to combat Burnout by reading our guide on how to significantly impove your sleep and mental health.  

How College Counselors Can Help Overwhelmed Students With Academic Stress

College counselors play an integral role in helping college students manage their stress by identifying the academic stress points in the students' lives and channeling it into something that can bring them success.