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Addressing Students’ Triggers: Tips for Trauma-Informed Classroom Design

Trauma can harm children's brain development and ability to manage emotions. Designing a classroom is one way to implement trauma-informed care in school.

How to Support Third-Culture Kids

Third-culture kids are expatriates who frequently relocate across cultures. Supporting them during transition is important to help them find stability.

Eating for Mental Health: Simple Suggestions for College Students

College can be overwhelming for many students, who often barely can think about the importance of food and mental health. We asked two experts to discuss the importance of nutrition and mental health in college.

How to Know When it’s Time to Seek a Counselor or Therapist

The need for counseling or therapy may be difficult to identify, because mental distress looks and feels different from person to person.

How to Identify and Address Complicated Grief

While most people can bounce back from a loss, complicated grief becomes ingrained in a person’s habits to a disabling degree, impairing functioning.

How to Identify and Intervene in Teen Dating Violence

Only 33 percent of teens in an abusive relationship report it to someone else. Prevention and intervention can help stop teen dating violence before it occurs.