44 Self-Esteem Resources for Nonbinary Adolescents and Teens

Self Esteem Resources for Non Binary Teens

Self-esteem can lead to positive mental health outcomes but can be thwarted by negative messaging from peers, parents, school communities and social media. Nonbinary youth who experience stigmatization based on their gender identity are at greater risk for negative mental health outcomes such as depression, anxiety and feelings of suicide. 

Giving adolescents and teens access to information and ideas about gender diversity can help them build a positive self-image and lead to positive mental health outcomes throughout their adulthood.

Understanding Gender Identity and Self-Image 

Language can be a powerful way to help young people feel empowered and seen. Using affirming language when addressing or discussing gender with young people starts with knowing a variety of gender-related vocabulary terms and what they mean.

Gender Diverse Vocabulary to Know:

Agender: when a person doesn’t identify with any gender.

Gender dysphoria: the feeling of confusion or frustration a person experiences when they feel conflict between their gender and the sex they were assigned at birth.

Gender fluid: when a person moves between gender identities without ascribing to a specific one.

Gender queer: when a person is curious or exploring their gender identity.

Nonbinary: when a person does not ascribe to the traditional gender binary of male or female.

Transgender: when a person’s gender identity is different than the biological sex they were given at birth.

Source: Gender Dysphoria and Identity – Kids & Teens, Raising Children.

Affirming and supporting gender exploration can help with self esteem and benefit other mental health outcomes. Counselors, parents and teachers can help, but many young people may find it beneficial to seek out answers about their identity through their own searching. 

Digital Resources for Self-Esteem

No matter your gender identity, support is available. Use the links below to navigate to different types of resources for nonbinary youth, their parents and their care providers. 



Activities for Teens

Activities for Nonbinary Youth

Resources for Parents

Resources for Clinicians

Articles About Gender Identity and Self-Esteem

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Podcasts About Self-Esteem and Gender Identity

  • NB: My Non-Binary Life, BBC Radio: show hosted by Caitlin Benedict and Amrou Al-Kadhi who explore gender identity and real-life experiences.
  • Gender Reveal, Tuck Woodstuck: show featuring gender-diverse guests discussing current events and answering questions about identity. 
  • The Happy Place, Ben Pechey: uplifting series with a nonbinary host who takes listeners through weekly pep talks.
  • Gender Stories, Alex Iantaffi: show exploring people’s life experiences and relationships with gender.
  • Outspoken Voices Podcast, Family Equality: show created for people with LGBTQ+ families to explore community, equality and advocacy.
  • Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen, Heather Hester: show exploring a mother’s perspective on LGBTQ+ empowerment and education.

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Self-Esteem Activities for Nonbinary Adolescents and Teens

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Self-Esteem Activities for Nonbinary Youth

  • Must-Read Books by Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Authors, Penguin Random House: curated list of recommended books about gender diversity and expression. 
  • Children’s Picture Books, Queerspawn Resource Project: extensive list of picture books about gender expression for young children and their families to read together. 
  • My Rainbow, DeShanna Neal and Trinity Neal: written by a mother-daughter duo about the strength of family relationships and affirmation.
  • Beyond the Gender Binary, Alok Vaid-Menon: story from a nonbinary author about gender identity as a form of creative expression. 
  • Being Jazz, Jazz Jennings: memoir from a transgender teen about growth and self-discovery.
  • Zenobia July, Lisa Bunker: coming-of-age novel about a trans girl solving mysteries in her town. 
  • The Ship We Built, Lexie Bean: a novel following a young nonbinary protagonist who explores bravery, secrecy and self-discovery.  

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Resources For Parents

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Resources For Clinicians

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