Online Counseling Programs Interview Series: Counseling Careers

Online Counseling Programs strives to provide students and counseling professionals with the information they need to pursue their counseling career goals in education. From researching online master’s degrees in counseling to exploring different counseling roles, continues to provide resources through a counseling careers interview series to give students a window into view the day-to-day roles of different counseling professions.

“Counseling is a courageous act in itself – talking to a stranger about your problems, hearing commentary on your problems, responding to questions and answers – that’s brave. I try very hard to show my clients by my words and actions that they have strengths to rely on, resources to use and options to assess.”

“The emotional ecosystem we provide for children has the potential to hard wire their brain for a lifetime of mind-body health.”

“When it comes to the role of a counselor… all schools, especially high schools function differently and school counselors have different roles depending on their district’s mission and student population.”