School Counselor Toolkit

With many resources available at one’s fingertips, educators and school counselors are able to access free online resources from remote and rural areas through the use of the Internet. Even pursuing a school counseling program from an accredited university can be completed online.

In meeting the diverse needs of students from all backgrounds, some counselors may turn to the internet through searches, social media, and electronic communications as ways to increase their effectiveness in working with students, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators.

From school counseling education programs to professional school counseling offices, graduate students and school counselors alike use the internet to search for lesson plans, character development checklists, school counseling programs, or continuing education credits. Instead of scouring webpages for all of these different types of information, the School Counselor Toolkit is provided to school counselors, graduate students, and other educational stakeholders with the resources that they search for often; all in one place.

Through categories on professional development, student progress, school counseling programs, collaborations and resources, the toolkit provides information for the professional school counselor, teachers, administrators, and other educational stakeholders in every level of education.

Last updated: April 2020