Online Counseling and Mental Health Resources

Counseling, Therapy, and Psychology

Mental health professions expand beyond just counseling or psychology. With careers in social work, therapy, psychiatry and more, helping professions can be found in many different settings providing distinct services to a variety of populations.

Mental Health Blogs

There are many careers in the mental health field. Branching off of our “Difference in Mental Health Professions” infographic, we wanted to create a list of the best blogs for 2020 on counseling, psychology, and therapy. Filled with information from professionals, schools, and organizations, these blogs may offer you a new perspective.

School Counselor Toolkit

In promoting academic, career, and personal/social development, school counselors provide support to students in every grade level by providing comprehensive and proactive lesson plans surrounding character development, relationship education, conflict resolution, and much more. The toolkit was designed to help school counselors for professional development to school counseling program models.

Counseling Skills and Techniques

The definition of counseling, its process and the skills needed to address your client’s challenges and concerns are the basis for any counselor education program. Establishing a counseling theory or more as your theoretical orientation also helps guide your practice and view of personality, concerns, and treatment.

Counseling Career Interviews

Providing an inside look into counseling careers, these interviews with counseling professionals in different specializations, illustrate the responsibilities of some counseling careers within different settings, working with a variety of client populations.

Counselor Salary Guide

Retrieved from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we provide a breakdown of state by state average hourly wages and annual salaries for different counseling and mental health careers.

Counseling Program Faculty Interviews

We’ve interviewed some faculty members of accredited online counseling programs to provide you with more information on their counselor education departments and how they best prepare students to become professional counselors.

Last updated: April 2020