Mental Health Blogs:
Counseling, Psychology, and Therapy

Mental health careers come in many forms offering diverse services, methods to address client concerns, and varying degrees of requirements for practice. Counseling, therapy, and psychology pathways share many similarities, but offer different views and approaches to mental health. Important questions to answer when considering a pathway in the field include: Which career would your skill set fit best? What type of therapeutic approaches do you want to use with your client population? Where do you want to establish your practice? Additionally, factors like theories, counseling degrees, licensure, and other requirements may add complexity to the decision making process.

Interested in starting a new career in counseling, psychology or therapy?

While we’ve already created a timeless overview explaining the differences between counseling, therapy, and psychology careers, we thought we would take it one step further and create a list of the top counseling, therapy, and psychology blogs for 2020, to offer both prospective and current mental health graduate students the resources they need in order to stay up to date with mental health theories, practice requirements, and trends.

Interviews with Top Bloggers
In our revealing conversations with this year’s top blog awardees, they explore the method and motivation behind their work both as premier bloggers and established mental health professionals. Discover more about how our top mental health bloggers advocate for their clients and profession.

In our lists, we’ve provided detailed descriptions for each chosen blog, along with the blog’s information and one highlighted article, carefully chosen by the editors of OnlineCounselingPrograms. The blogs were selected based on the strength and creativity of the blogs’ content, resources, level of activity and engagement, social media presence, and a few x-factors, which we excitingly point out in the descriptions.

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Last updated: April 2020