25 Podcasts About Relationships, Marriage Therapy, and Couples Counseling

Seeking out counseling or therapy for a relationship isn’t always easy. Both partners must be invested and willing to be honest and open with their counselor and each other. But sharing issues in your relationship with a professional can be awkward or embarrassing for some couples who don’t have experience with therapy.

One way to ease that apprehension is to learn about others’ experiences in counseling and to listen to professionals on podcasts. To help couples begin to understand the benefits of seeing a therapist, OnlineCounselingPrograms.com collected 25 podcasts related to marriage therapy and couples counseling that tackle everything from conflict resolution to cross-cultural relationships.

*Note: Podcasts are for informational purposes and not substitutes for therapy.

Marriage Therapy and Couples Counseling Podcasts

Hosts: Seth Sudley, licensed marriage and family therapist, and Melanie Sudley, podcast producer

Episode length: 30-60 minutes

Seth and Melanie host expert guests on topics ranging from neurobiology to selfishness/negative emotions and produce episodes that address listener questions on topics including sexual intimacy and in-laws.

Hosts: Dr. Ray Kadkhodaian, licensed clinical professional counselor and founder of The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, and Jean Kadkhodaian, family therapist and founder of The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

Episode length: 30 minutes

Dr. Ray and Jean touch on common subjects couples deal with such as stress, parenting and finances, but also feature episodes on unique topics such as how sex in media impacts young dating couples, how nutritional health affects relationships, and if couples are still married in heaven.

Host: Helen Harrison, couples’ counselor, relationship coach, and psychotherapist

Episode length: 15-25 minutes

Helen’s episode topics include maintaining your identity in marriage, encouraging your partner to express emotion, and building a relationship with kids.

Host: Ken Howard, licensed clinical social worker and founder and director of GayTherapyLA

Episode length: 15-45 minutes

Ken, who works with clients worldwide and has specialized in therapy for gay men and gay male couples for more than 27 years, frequently features guests to discuss topics such as ghosting, cheating, open relationships, and appearance privilege.

Host: Nate Bagley, relationship researcher and writer

Episode length: 10-60 minutes

Nate shares his experiences and interviews couples, expert counselors and researchers about how to achieve what he calls legendary love in episodes that focus on staying connected, approaching conflict, and setting boundaries.

Host: Steve Cooper, editor of Hitchedmag.com

Episode length: 20-35 minutes

Steve and his weekly guests, including psychologists and relationship experts, discuss such topics as marriage meetings, extended time spent apart, and the different views partners can have on household chores.

Host: Nicola Beer, counselor, life coach, and hypnotherapist

Episode length: 15-30 minutes

Nicola, who has clients worldwide, covers topics affecting relationships such as gaming addiction, blended families, empty nest syndrome, privacy, and micro cheating.

Hosts: Chase Kosterlitz, a professional stand-up paddler, and Sarah Kosterlitz, a marketing consultant

Episode length: 45-60 minutes

Chase and Sarah interview relationship counselors, therapists and coaches who provide tips on strengthening connections and discuss sensitive topics, including finances, non-monogamous relationships, and ways to keep the sexual sparks flying.

Host: Lisa Lackey, licensed clinician, therapist, and co-founder of Insideout Living Inc.

Episode length: 15-55 minutes

Lisa covers a variety of topics, including betrayal, boundaries, and conflict, exploring how one’s experiences growing up can shape how people relate to each other and overcome challenges.

Host: Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, founder and clinical director of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching

Episode length: 20-60 minutes

Dr. Lisa delves into topics such as cultivating your emotional intelligence, decluttering your life, being a part of a cross-cultural relationship, and dealing with an ex.

The Marriage Podcast for Smart People, AKA Only You Forever

Hosts: Caleb Simonyi-Gindele, a clinical counselor and marriage therapist, and Verlynda Simonyi-Gindele, a podcaster and travel coordinator

Episode length: 20-50 minutes

This series is meant for busy couples and covers topics such as the effects of shift work on couples, the impact of prayer on relationships, and the consequences of male privilege in marriage.

Hosts: Terry and Sandy Lodico, licensed professional counselors with Covenant Counseling LLC, and Bill Hobson, veteran broadcaster

Episode length: 25-45 minutes

Terry and Sandy emphasize Christian values in their counseling, which is reflected in episodes that reference scripture as it applies to topics such as overcoming cultural chaos that promotes a selfish tendency and thriving during challenging times.

Hosts: Couples’ therapists Zach Brittle and Laura Heck

Episode length: 20-45 minutes

Zack and Laura, who are married but not to each other, help couples find relief, deeper connection, and new ways forward in friendly conversations covering questions such as how selfishness and self-care are different and what are sacred spaces in relationships.

Hosts: Marcus D. Porter, photographer and business owner, and Courtney Porter, photographer, business owner, and licensed clinical social worker

Episode length: 30 minutes

This podcast is not focused on marriage and couples, but episodes have covered relevant topics such as healthy boundaries in relationships, challenges of supporting an entrepreneur spouse, and anxiety and depression caused by the fear of missing out.

Hosts: Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, relationship coaches and co-authors of “Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Intimacy in Your Marriage”

Episode length: 30 minutes

This couple leads episodes focused on intimacy inside and outside the bedroom, covering a broad range of topics from spiritual intimacy to political differences.

Host: Mayi Dixon, licensed professional counselor

Episode length: 5-44 minutes

Mayi’s episodes combine topics ranging from planning your marriage to lying by omission with some episodes featuring guests such as Joel and Naomi Mitchel, aka the Marriage Investors, and life coach and pastor Charles Houston.

Host: Jeff Lutes, licensed professional counselor

Episode length: 15-35 minutes

Jeff has candid conversations with LGBTQ couples about how they met and how to make great relationships work. Episodes include themes about feeling empathy, managing stress, and focusing on the positive.

Host: John Howard, couples’ therapist

Episode length: 20-80 minutes

John’s podcast features conversations with experts on subjects such as toxic masculinity, attachment, narcissism and vulnerability.

Hosts: Registered clinical counselors Iona Monk and Pam Stewart

Episode length: 25-60 minutes with several “appetizer” episodes of 2 minutes or less

Iona and Pam reduce the stigma of discussing relationship problems and get candid about their own relationships with their husbands and families, sharing experiences with narcissism, addiction, hypochondria and self-regulation.

Host: Emily Morse, former guest co-host of the Loveline Radio Show

Episode length: 30-60 minutes

Episodes sometimes feature expert guests and cover topics such as bisexuality, sex in challenging times, shame around sexual expectations, and the effects of technology on sexual relationships.

Hosts: Gina Senarighi, sex therapist and relationship coach, and Julie Jeske, individual and couples’ counselor

Episode length: 20-45 minutes

Julie and Gina break down what partners need to know about sex and relationships, discussing topics such as navigating mismatched sexual desires, staying connected after having kids, and initiating sex.\

Hosts: Seacoast EFT founders Naomi Rather, licensed clinical mental health counselor, and Deborah Curtis, licensed and independent clinical social worker

Episode length: 30-90 minutes

Naomi and Deborah reference their background in Emotional Focused Couples Therapy in their podcast, which explores how relationships can be affected by issues like triggers, military service, technology, and the effects of emotional neglect as a child.

Host: Tony Overbay, marriage and family therapist

Episode length: 30-90 minutes

Tony’s podcast features many episodes addressing issues that affect partners such as practicing empathy, avoiding drama, navigating a faith crisis, and recognizing the rawness in relationships.\

Host: Annabelle Bugatti, couples’ counselor and therapist

Episode length: 15-60 minutes

Annabelle talks about how to have successful relationships and improve your life with emphasis on Emotionally Focused Therapy in episodes revolving around competing attachments, helping couples who want to break up, and re-engaging sexual desires.

Host: Esther Perel, psychotherapist and consultant on the Showtime series “The Affair”

Episode length: 45-50 minutes

Conversations are often raw and emotional in each episode, featuring a different couple in therapy sessions sharing their very personal challenges that may touch on topics related to loss, infidelity, emotional exhaustion, and post-divorce co-parenting.

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